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Health Care Professionals

Business and corporate law for health care professionals such as dentists, physicians, chiropractors, optometrists and others have unique circumstances that vary from a typical business owner.

Healthcare professionals are not only regulated by Business Corporations Act, but also have additional legislative governance that imposes additional restrictions on share ownership. Physicians and dentists are able to have other family members as shareholders. Most other professionals cannot have other shareholders. If you are a professional, you should speak to a lawyer in ensuring that your corporation is structured properly. We have seen incorporations for professionals that were not done properly that resulted in years of bad tax planning.

Contact the law firm of Anurag Gupta Professional Corporation to help you get started in incorporating your company, business agreements, assist in financing or other requirements for your business. Please do visit our tax page to find out the tax incentives of operating a corporation, and if you would like to incorporate, you can complete our online incorporation questionnaire if you are a physician or dentist.